Best Nespresso Machine For Latte Reviews 2020

Best Nespresso Machine For Latte Reviews 2022

All coffee lovers know that Nespresso is the best. This company has developed one of the most innovative machines for making espresso, cappuccino and latte. The good news is that many people already got their first machine. Others are still wondering if to invest in a new Nespresso machine or not.

“For many people, coffee is an essential part of their morning. It’s the time when you get to sit down and relax for just a little while before your day begins. Many times I have poured myself a cup of coffee and sat at my kitchen table with the newspaper in hand waiting to be awake enough to enjoy it.”

“There are many different ways that somebody can make their coffee, but there is no denying that one of the best ways is with Nespresso . When somebody gets started with this product they will find out quickly why so many others swear by it.”

Top Picks for Best Nespresso Machine For Latte


The Nestle Nespresso Lattissima Plus is perfect for those who need their coffee solutions now! This strong, espresso machine has a plastic body and spout. With this sleek silver color, it will fit in with any decor. Additionally, this reusable dishwasher safe container can be your morning (or afternoon) lifesaver–it’s up to you! This appliance comes with everything you need to make that hot cup of joe or cafe con leche quickly and conveniently. It weighs 14 pounds without the packaging; the machine measures at 13-inches tall by 9-inches wide by 8-inches deep which also makes it great if space is an issue! With a 54 ounces removable water reservoir and easy one touch milk frother button that can make cappuccino, latte or hot milk in one touch, this American made machine is the perfect addition to any home–in America! It even comes with a welcome kit that includes two capsules for your first cup.

  • Because this machine comes with a milk frother, it is going to be one of the more expensive machines on the market.
  • There are many brewers available that can make a cup in under three minutes. The Lattissima+, however, takes about four minutes to complete a brew cycle.

  • Although it comes with a water filter cartridge and a demineralization cartridge, you will still need to descale your brewer every so often to ensure top quality shots of espresso.


Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine, If you can’t wait for a fresh cup of joe every morning, the Nespresso Vertuoplus Coffee and Espresso machine is perfect. It uses technology that is found in many luxury cars–so it’s like driving a Maserati that also makes delicious coffee ! This stylish brewer can create two types of espresso at the touch of a button; one will be equal to your single shot which means you’re holding about 7 oz., while the other will give you double strength, or 14 oz. The latter is perfect if you like to add milk to your drink (which I do) because this additional liquid helps cut some of the intensity of that strong coffee. The Vertuoplus also makes a cup of rich hot milk which means you can enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos or just plain ole’ hot chocolate whenever the mood strikes! This will save you money by cutting out trips to your local coffee shop, plus it’s super convenient because the brewer uses two different types of capsules for each beverage option.

  • At first glance this may not be much different than other brewers on the market except for its smaller size–which is pretty darn good if you are tight on counter space.
  • One thing I particularly love about this machine is that it has a 56 ounce water reservoir which lasts longer between refills.
  • The smaller size is also great for those who need their coffee quickly
  • The brewing cycle time is only about 25 seconds.


Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine, f you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to get your coffee fix, this little beauty might be the perfect choice. The Nespresso Essenza Mini comes with an Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother so it eliminates the need for other appliances in your kitchen because one machine does it all! At about five inches tall by eight inches wide and eight inches deep, this little brewer fits into any space-saving design plans you may have which makes it a great addition if you live in a smaller apartment or house. It also has a water storage area that holds up to 35 ounces of liquid–which means fewer trips to refill before you can enjoy another cup! This is perfect for those who drink coffee regularly throughout the day or enjoy more than one cup at a time. This Nespresso machine is perfect if you like to save some money, too! The Essenza Mini doesn’t need any costly paper filters so your first capsule of coffee will be used as the filter each time–saving you money on future purchases!

  • One note that some people may not like is that it only has 16 ounce storage for milk–so you can’t make large cups of cappuccino or latte with this model. However, the single frother allows for plenty of versatility when creating delicious drinks.
  • It’s small size makes it great for kitchens with limited counter space where you can still enjoy a cup or two of coffee during your morning routine.
  • Quality not so good


Breville Nespresso Machine Combo Unit, shouldn’t have to choose between a delicious cup of coffee and your design choices–and this espresso machine from Breville won’t make you do just that! The stylish brewer can fit into any kitchen without sacrificing style for convenience. Your friends and family will never know it’s there until they get a whiff of that rich aroma we all love so much, but the secret will be out once they take a sip! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its sleek stainless steel appearance, but this machine also comes as a combo unit which includes an Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother for those who like some froth on their beverage; perfect for those cappuccinos or lattes! The Breville also comes with a reusable stainless steel filter, so you can cut down on paper waste and enjoy more in each serving. The water tank holds up to 35 ounces, so your coffee will always be hot in the morning when you need it most!

  • This brewer comes in three different colors; dark stainless steel, silver stainless steel, copper finish. 
  • One downside to this machine is that it does not include a built-in grinder like many of the other brewers, but there are several models which do come with grinders if you prefer.

5.Nespresso EN80B Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Nespresso EN80B Espresso Machine by DeLonghi akes a bold statement in modern design, and it has all of the perks that come with a larger brewer! This machine includes a built-in grinder, which means you won’t have to worry about finding extras to add to your décor. The Nespresso En80B also comes with 24 ounce storage for water–which means less trips back and forth from the sink when you need another cup in a hurry! The best part? It’s easy to use so you can get up and running in no time! With this coffee maker, there is no confusion when it comes to how many cups are left in the tank or what buttons do what–everything is clearly marked so anyone can get a great cup of coffee every time!

  • Very good looking
  • One downside to this machine is that it’s slightly larger than some other brewers on the market, so it may not fit onto your countertops if you’ve limited space.

Things to consider before buying Nespresso Machine For Latte

1.Auto off

Be careful with Nespresso machine which don’t have auto-off feature. Because at the end of the day, most people forget to turn it off or let it turn itself off if they are busy in their work. It will cause you some trouble when you use it next time. I suggest choose one with auto-off function so you can save money and power.

2.Types of Capsules

If your friends or family are coffee lovers, then single serve capsule machines are perfect for them because they are easy to use, clean up is fast and simple, plus each kind of coffee has its own specific design to help bring out all the flavors in each cup! If they usually just drink regular coffee then this type is more cost effective.

3.Style of Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machine is like coffee maker, which make your espresso or cappuccino more special! Of course if you are not sure what kind of brewer fits best in your kitchen then I suggest you choose one with the design that most people like. For example, if you have a contemporary kitchen then you should choose one with stainless steel design so your machine can fit well with the existing style.

4.Customizing Brew Volume

This is also an important feature of Nespresso makers because it allows users to choose from two different volumes- one for a shot of espresso and another for Lungo which is a larger cup of coffee. Users will be able visit this link to find out more information regarding each model’s brew customization options .


If you are an environmentalist then Nespresso machine is perfect for your kitchen because all of the capsules are recyclable, so one day they can be used to make new products! Also Nespresso doesn’t use any aluminum foil or plastic bags in their capsules; they come in 100% Biodegradable cellulose acetate which helps lower the amount of pollution in landfills.


As we know, Nespresso has several different models on the market today, and they range differently in price depending on where you look. You can find them at large retailers like Walmart or Target for around $100 , whereas luxury brands like Williams-Sonoma offer more high end models with upgraded features for $300 or more .

7.Refillable Capsules

If you like to drink coffee with added flavors, then refillable capsules are the way to go! You won’t need to buy expensive espresso machines that can only make one type of drink; instead this machine will be perfect because it’s designed to use any kind of coffee with added flavors! Currently Nespresso offers several different kinds of refillable capsules from their line-up including Verde, Rosabaya de Colombia and Decaffeinato Intenso from Green Blend.

8.Small Footprint

If you don’t want your kitchen appliances to take up a lot of space then single serve capsule machines are perfect! They’re small and compact, so they won’t clutter up your counters even if they’re on display. Users can check this LINK for more information regarding its size.

9.Durable Construction

Nespresso machine’s material is very important because their products will be used every day or just once in a while, so it needs to be able to withstand a high volume of use without showing any signs of wear and tear afterwards! If you check out the materials of each individual model before buying one, you will increase your chances at making a purchase that lasts longer than others on the market today.


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